Flag Staff Dive site at Swansea heads Diving with the sharks

Gray Nurse Shark at Swansea Heads New south wales

Dive into an exhilarating underwater adventure at Flagstaff, a mere stone's throw from our dive center with just a quick 5-minute drive. Nestled snugly at Swansea Heads, this charming bay enjoys protection from the swell, thanks to Moon Island. Unless the winds decide otherwise, divers here usually find themselves shielded from the bigger seas.

Explore a diverse underwater landscape that spans sandy stretches favored by graceful rays, to vibrant green and yellow weedy sea gardens where elusive fish and Nudibranchs play hide-and-seek. Towering boulders create a stunning backdrop, adding to the allure of this underwater wonderland. Keep your eyes peeled for surprises like Port Jackson sharks, spotted rays, and bustling schools of mullet, kingfish, and Australian salmon!

But wait, there's more! During the crisp, clear winter months, Flagstaff and Moon Island become a magnet for Grey Nurse Sharks. Majestic in size yet famously gentle, these sharks are known to grace divers with their presence, turning every dive into a thrilling encounter. It's truly an extraordinary time to explore the Swansea region beneath the waves.

Getting there is a breeze. Whether you opt for a sandy beach entry or prefer the rocky southern approach, Flagstaff offers a shallow dive ranging from 5 to 8 meters deep, suitable for divers of all skill levels. Need directions? Just ask our knowledgeable staff, and they'll guide you to Reid's Reserve, where a quick 20-meter stroll brings you to the entry point.

Get ready to plunge into Flagstaff's underwater paradise – where every dive promises a blend of beauty, excitement, and the chance to meet the majestic Grey Nurse Sharks up close!