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Extended Range – Go Beyond

SSI’s Extended Range programs provide avid divers with the training they need to experience the excitement of tec diving. Explore caves, enjoy extended bottom times, and experience the thrill of diving deep reefs and wrecks. Go deeper and further with SSI’s Extended Range programs like Extended Range Trimix, Semi-Closed Rebreather Diving, Extended Range Cavern Diving, Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diving, and more.

The SSI Extended Range specialties are apex programs that give you the highest level of diving skill and knowledge. Once you have completed your training, you will be the best of the best. SSI offers the most comprehensive range of tec diving programs in the industry, including professional tec diving programs. Go farther, deeper, and beyond your limits with SSI Extended Range.

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SSI Extended Range

Extended Range course

$1,795.00 AUD$1,695.00 AUD
SSI Extended Range Nitrox course

SSI XR - Extended Range Nitrox

$1,095.00 AUD$895.00 AUD