Cressi AC2/Compact Primary Regulator
Cressi AC2/Compact Primary Regulator

Cressi AC2/Compact Primary Regulator

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Prepare for an exciting underwater adventure with the Cressi AC2/Compact Primary Regulator Combo. Designed for divers seeking precision, reliability, and ease of use, this regulator set is suitable for all divers and is loved by beginners for it's robust and easy to use design and features

AC2 First Stage Regulator:

Unbalanced Piston Design: The AC2 First Stage features a balanced diaphragm design, ensuring a steady and consistent airflow to the second stage. Experience effortless breathing at any depth, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced divers.

Compact and Lightweight: Engineered with travel divers in mind, the AC2's compact and lightweight construction adds to your gear without compromising performance. Dive freely and comfortably, unencumbered by unnecessary bulk.

Durable Chrome-Plated Brass: Crafted from chrome-plated brass, the first stage regulator ensures durability and corrosion resistance. The robust construction is built to withstand the challenges of various underwater environments, providing reliability for countless dives.

Compact Second Stage Regulator:

Downstream Demand Valve: The Compact Second Stage Regulator features a downstream demand valve mechanism, delivering air precisely when needed. Enjoy a natural and responsive breathing experience, adapting to your inhalation patterns seamlessly.

Adjustable Venturi System: Fine-tune your diving experience with the adjustable venturi system. Optimize airflow, reduce the risk of free-flow incidents, and maintain control during your underwater explorations.

The AC2/Compact set is equipped with a single HP port and 4 LP ports, allowing divers to customize their setup to suit your individual preferences and diving needs. Available in DIN and YOKE

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