Cressi AC2 Compact Regulator Set

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This Set Includes:

  • Cressi AC2 1st Stage
  • Cressi Compact 2nd Stage
  • Cressi Compact Octopus
  • Cressi Mini SPG

Embark on a new level of diving excellence with the Cressi AC2 / Compact + Compact Regulator Set, a set that combines high end technology made simple with an ergonomic and light weight design ensuring the set is suitable for all divers but especially travelling or beginners.

First Stage - AC2:

Unbalanced Piston Design: The heart of the system lies in the AC2 first stage, a simple, reliable, and robust brass body first stage. It comes with one HP and four LP ports.

Robust and Durable Build: Crafted from chrome-plated brass, the regulators showcase exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. These robust materials ensure longevity, making the AC2 set is a reliable companion for countless underwater adventures.


Second Stage Regulator:

Downstream Demand System: The second stage regulator is equipped with a downstream demand valve, guaranteeing air delivery precisely when you need it. The Compact features a large purge button and anti-scratch surface

Adjustable Venturi System: Enhance your underwater control with the adjustable venturi system. This innovative feature optimizes airflow, reducing the risk of free-flow incidents and allowing you to fine-tune your breathing comfort.

Additional Features:

Compact and Streamlined Hose Design: The set is equipped with a compact and streamlined hose design, reducing drag and enhancing your underwater mobility.

Ideal for Travel: The compact design and lightweight nature of the set make it an ideal travel companion. Total weight of the set including hoses are 923g YOKE and 783g DIN

Backed by Cressi: With a legacy of decades in diving equipment, Cressi brings unparalleled expertise to the AC2/Compact + Compact Regulator Set. Each component undergoes rigorous testing to meet the brand's high standards of quality and performance.

The Cressi AC2 Compact Regulator Set is more than just equipment; it's a gateway to a world of underwater wonders. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with a regulator set that's engineered for precision, durability, and the ultimate dive experience. Elevate your underwater adventures with Cressi.

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