Cressi Apnea 2 piece open call suit for freediving spearfishing
cressi black open cell wetsuit
black 2 piece wetsuit with hood
cressi apnea wetsuit pants
cressi black spearfishing wetsuit loading pad chest

Cressi Apnea 2 Piece Open Cell Wetsuit 3mm

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The Apnea it is a comfortable two-piece soft open cell suit, which includes high top pants and a jacket with built-in hood.

The Apnea wetsuit is manufactured from materials of highest quality and is highly valued by freedivers, fishermen, and professionals for its performance, durability, and flexibility. 

The new cut pattern allows for full movement of the arms, by having a single panel of neoprene without seams on the entire side of the torso, armpits, and inside the arms. The High waist pants allow for optimal dilation of the rib cage.

The jacket offers an extensive chest support to lessen the load imposed by the spear gun and anti-slip and tear-resistant fabric. The suit is reinforced in all high stress areas such as elbows and knees with Semi-flexible Tatex ©


Open Cell wetsuits are prone to tearing if proper lubrication is not used when donning on the suit. The recommended lubrication to use is a water based personal lubricant or a specialised wetsuit lubricant. Shampoos & conditioners will shorten the life of your suit if used. Failing to properly lubricate your wetsuit will result in the failure and damage of your suit, any damage or internal tears are not covered under warranty.

NOTE: I’s recommended to remove any jewellery, watches, and to trim any sharp finger/toenails before putting on the suit.

When washing the suit, no form of detergent or soap should be used as this will breakdown, stretch, and shorten lifespan of your suit which is not covered under warranty.

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