Cressi Atom Mask

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The Cressi Atom Mask sets a new standard for Freediving masks. Crafted with precision and innovation by Cressi, for the most demanding freediver, this mask combines cutting-edge technology with superior design to enhance your freediving adventures.

Key Features:

Ultra Low-Volume: The Atom Mask features a Ultra low-volume design, reducing the amount of air needed to equalize and providing a snug fit against the divers face reducing drag though the water.

Frameless design: The masks, frameless construction and semi-rigid core substitutes the usual external plastic frame and allows for reduce the internal volume of the mask in an unseen way until today.

Co-Moulded: A stiff core is co-moulded with the two lenses, giving the mask flexibility and assisting divers that experience brow pressure in a standard mask. The features also allows for the lenses to be closer to your face which then increases your field of vision and peripherals.

Ergonomic Shape of nose pocket: The Atom masks features a big nose pocket. The nose pocket has two external channels that are designed to assist with equalisation.

Easy-Adjust Buckles: The Atom Mask features easy-adjust buckles that allow for quick and precise strap adjustments. Achieve the perfect fit with minimal effort, ensuring a secure and comfortable seal every time you dive.

The Atom Mask is a testament to Cressi's commitment to providing divers with the best gear for their underwater experiences. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with the Cressi Atom Mask. Dive deeper, explore farther, and discover the wonders of the underwater world with unparalleled clarity and comfort. Experience the difference with Cressi – where innovation meets adventure beneath the waves.

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