Cressi Console 2 Depth and Pressure Gauge

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The Console 2 is a small console that houses the Cressi mini pressure gauge and a new, small, analogical depth gauge.


A high quality instrument with a metal case and membrane functioning and has a large parabolic scale.

The instrument has a maximum depth indicator that blocks on the maximum depth reached during the dive.


The Cressi mini pressure gauge is a small, light-weight gauge that has been specifically designed to avoid excessive strain on the HP hose that connects to the first stage of the regulator.

The luminescent dial is calibrated up to 350 bar in the metric version.

The pressure and depth gauges are positioned in such a way that both instruments can be read quickly and easily in any conditions.

At the end of the console, slightly to the sides, there are two loops for fastening the instrument to the jacket so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment.