Cressi Digi2 Digital Console

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The Digi2 is the digital response to the scuba diving must-have pressure gauge and depth gauge. As a diver, you need an instrument for taking under control the depth and the residual air (or gas) in your tank. It is for your safety.
The Digi2 has been developed with the main concept to provide all the information in a compact device, showing the data in digital and large numbers.

The information is easier to read than a traditional pressure gauge with needle and small numbers. It features and a high-contrast display showing depth, tank pressure, residual dive-time, water temperature. It gives you also the maximum depth reached and how long are you diving. 

The Digi2 has everything in one anti-scratch display, there are no buttons, no menu to navigate. It is compact, light and even has a user-replaceable battery with a sealing sensor.

The Digi2 is a digital gauge, it is not a dive computer. You can’t plan or record your dives. It is a must-have for any diver, recommended for beginners, and for who has weak eyesight.

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