Cressi Free Frog Fins

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Size: 37/38 (4/5)

37/38 (4/5)
39/40 (5.5/6.5)
41/42 (7/8)
43/44 (8.5/9.5)
45/46 (10/11)
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Cressi's Free Frog fin has returned with a new molding technology to have a better fit on different foot shapes.

The Free Frog has the traits of popular Cressi diving fins while keeping the spirit of the Frog.

It has a below blade foot pocket to have a bigger surface that increases the kicking thrust.

It is created in a variant of low-modulus polypropylene that, combined with a particular structure, combines great flexibility, softness, durability, unprecedented aesthetics, and resistance to demanding use.

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37/38 (4/5), 39/40 (5.5/6.5), 41/42 (7/8), 43/44 (8.5/9.5), 45/46 (10/11)