Cressi Standard Dive Reel 45M

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The Cressi Dive Reel is an essential tool for underwater exploration and safety, designed to provide divers with reliable line management and navigation capabilities.

Key Features:

Durable Construction: The Dive Reel is constructed from high-quality materials, such as corrosion-resistant aluminum or tough polymer, ensuring durability and longevity in underwater environments. It can withstand the rigors of diving activities and harsh marine conditions.

Smooth Retraction: The reel features a smooth and reliable retraction mechanism, allowing divers to deploy and retrieve the line with ease. Maintain control over your line and manage depth adjustments, navigation, and safety stops efficiently.

Versatile Line Length: Choose from different line lengths to suit your diving needs and preferences. The 45m reel will suit all your needs, whether you need a short line for navigation in confined spaces or a longer line for exploration and safety stops, the Dive Reel offers versatility and customization.

Tangle-Free Deployment: The Dive Reel is designed to prevent line tangles and snags during deployment and retrieval. Enjoy hassle-free line management and maintain a clear and organized dive profile underwater.

Secure Attachment: The reel features a secure attachment point for the line, ensuring it remains securely connected during dives. Prevent accidental line detachment and maintain control over your line at all times.

High-Visibility Line: The Dive Reel comes with a high-visibility line in bright colors, such as yellow or orange, ensuring visibility underwater and enhancing safety during dives. Easily spot your line and maintain visual contact during navigation and ascent/descent.

Enhance your diving experience and safety with the Cressi Dive Reel – your essential companion for reliable line management, navigation, and safety during underwater exploration. Dive confidently, maintain control over your dive profile, and enjoy peace of mind with Cressi quality and innovation.