Cressi Sub AC25 Cromo / Master Regulator
Cressi Cressi Sub AC25 Cromo / Master Regulator

Cressi Sub AC25 Cromo / Master Regulator

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The Cressi AC25 Cromo Master Regulator Combo is specifically engineered and technologically advanced scuba regulator combo designed to meet the demands of both recreational and professional divers. This combo consists of the AC25 first stage and the Cromo Master second stage, combining innovative features to provide optimal performance, durability, and user convenience.

AC25 First Stage:

Balanced Piston Design: The AC25 features a balanced piston mechanism, ensuring consistent airflow regardless of tank pressure or depth. This design contributes to a stable and reliable breathing experience throughout the dive.

Five Low-Pressure and Two High-Pressure Ports: The first stage is equipped with five low-pressure and two high-pressure ports, providing versatility for hose routing and additional accessory attachments, such as alternate air sources and dive computers.

Revolving Turret: The rotating turret swivels on 360-degree axis and allows for different configurations like sidemount.

Chrome-Plated Brass Construction: Crafted from high-quality chrome-plated brass, the first stage not only ensures durability and resistance to corrosion but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the regulator.

Cromo Master Second Stage:

Pneumatically Balanced Valve: The Cromo Master second stage features a pneumatically balanced valve system, delivering consistent and effortless breathing performance. This design minimizes breathing effort, making it suitable for extended dives.

Adjustable Inhalation Effort Knob and Venturi: Divers can fine-tune their breathing resistance using the adjustable inhalation effort knob. This customisation option allows for a personalized and comfortable breathing experience based on individual preferences and dive conditions.

The performance of the regulator is equal to if not greater than more sophisticated products because it maintains a WOB (Work of Breathing) under 0.78 Joule/litre. Whether exploring recreational dive sites or navigating professional underwater environments, the Cressi AC25 Cromo Master regulator combo is a trusted companion for divers seeking excellence in their underwater adventures.

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