Cressi Sub Compact SMB (Closed Cell)

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Dive confidently into the world of underwater safety with the Cressi Compact SMB (Surface Marker Buoy). This compact SMB is designed to be your reliable companion for signaling and ascent visibility during your dives.

Key Features:

High Visibility: The Cressi Compact SMB ensures excellent visibility on the surface, making it an essential tool for signaling during ascents or safety stops. The bright color and reflective strip enhance your presence in the water, promoting safety and communication.

Compact and Lightweight Design: Designed with convenience in mind, the Compact SMB is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your dive gear. Its streamlined design ensures minimal drag during deployment, making it an ideal companion for divers on the move.

Easy Inflation and Deflation: The SMB features a oral inflator system allowing control and ensuring smooth deployment even in challenging conditions. To deflate the SMB simple pull the overflow valve to release the air and roll ack up.

Durable Material Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the Compact SMB is built to withstand the rigors of underwater use. Depend on its robust construction for repeated deployments, ensuring a reliable signaling device dive after dive.

Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of diving scenarios, including recreational and technical diving, the Compact SMB is a versatile safety tool. Whether conducting safety stops, marking a location, or signaling distress, this SMB is up to the task.

Available in Orange and Pink

Elevate your safety and communication during dives with the Cressi Compact SMB. Dive confidently, knowing you have a reliable and compact signaling device that enhances your visibility and ensures a safe ascent.

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Orange, Pink