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Date: 20-21st April

20-21st April
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Dive with the sharks at Forster. Forster has some of the best dive sites in NSW East Coast., we are so lucky and have one of the biggest aggregation of Grey nurse sharks on the Australian East Coast says the local Dive shop.

Forster is an easy 2.5 hours drive north of Swansea up the freeway with a coffee.

Dive sites at Forster include “The Pinnacle” which on its day has been rated in the top ten dive sites in the world. This is a deep dive, with the shallowest part of this offshore seamount 25 metres below the surface, the area around this drops away initially to 45 metres then even deeper. When we dive here we limit our maximum depth to 33 metres.

Latitude Rock, is where the Grey Nurse Sharks are located in shallower water around 12m. In season Grey Nurse Sharks patrol along the wall and in the kelp beds on the bottom. At times these Grey Nurses are entirely surrounded and obscured by literally millions of bait fish. Wobbiegongs litter the bottom, ever friendly blue grouper follow divers around as they check out the moray eels that seem to be in every nook and cranny.

There's plenty to do in town go for a stroll along the shopfronts street and have a bite to eat or an ice-cream.

Accommodation is Hotel Bunk style being clean with airconditioned room and a  pool. Just a short walking distance is Tuncurry clubs, shops and pubs for a meal.

Tour guide included you wont be disappointed.

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20-21st April