Faber 12.2 Litre Standard with valve

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Faber Steel Dive Cylinders

Faber Steel Dive Cylinders are fast becoming the Cylinder of choice amongst Scuba Divers and our most popular cylinder sold .

They give you the lightest (and hence an optimum wall thickness) steel tanks (cylinders) with an ideal buoyancy. Faber Steel Dive Cylinders are diligently manufactured using high quality steel plates.

If you are already using steel cylinders when diving, you will not need to be convinced about the advantages of steel. The cylinder occupies a far lower volume for the same capacity compared to Alloy tanks, this allows you to enjoy greater space and freedom. Using the Faber Steel Scuba Cylinders gives you negative buoyancy. You need less weight on your belt and less change of buoyancy due to change in pressure as you use your air diving.

Scuba Tank Size Options

The Faber Steel Dive Cylinders are available in a range of sizes. From the small 2 litre pony type (weighs 2.8 kg) to the huge 18 litre cylinder (weighs 22.4 kg). The common size is the 12.2 litre. (weighs 12.9 kg).

The standard size Faber Steel Scuba Cylinder we use, is the 12.2 litre. This size is referred to as a 100 cubic foot capacity. This is the volume of air in it at the fill pressure of 232 bar. Normal and same size Alloy Dive Cylinders are filled to 207 bar and have 80 cubic foot capacity, or 240 bar and have 95 cubic foot capacity.  The Steel cylinders are physically slightly smaller in size compared to the Alloy Cylinders, due to the wall thickness of the cylinder.

Scuba Tank Valve Options

Usually supplied is the DIN K valve as a standard valve on all cylinders. This valve is a K valve which can be converted to DIN by removing an insert in the valve. If you require a Straight K Valve only, use that option on your order.

Scuba Dive Cylinders have a 12 month test requirement. We carry stock of the Faber cylinders, but keep a minimum stock level to maintain a long test date. Delivery is between 1 and 14 days, depending on stock holding at time of order.

These Scuba Cylinders are made from one piece of steel. Check out this Youtube Video on how they are made!