Finger Reel

$35.00 AUD – $45.00 AUD

Size: 15m

$35.00 AUD
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The finger reel is ideal for divers of all levels as jump reels or for use with marker buoys and lift bags.

  • Includes a double-end stainless steel bolt snap
  • Available in 15m, 30m & 45m
  • Protip: when using the finger reel for the first time with and SMB, I like to soak it in fresh water the day before, unwind half the reel and rewind it tight to prevent it from unravelling in the water. You can also cut 5-10m of line off to make it easier to attach the bolt snap, but make sure to start with a longer reel than you need.
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15m, 30m, 45m