Hollis ST22 Single Backplate & Wing System

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The Hollis ST System is Hollis’ most popular model, and for good reason! The Hollis ST System the perfect purchase for those looking to get rid of the unnecessary bulk on a dive, creating an extremely simple and reliable piece of equipment! The ST System is designed for minimalist-minded divers who prioritize streamlining their kit and find comfort in traditional simplicity.

The stainless steel backplate offers the advantages of more built-in weight, decreasing the need for lead, and offering better trim. The Elite Harness offers the flexibility of buckles for easy-in and -out on vessels and shore dives. An ultra-streamlined single-tank ST Wing rounds out the system with a perfect balance of horizontal trim and surface floatation. The ST System’s ultra-rugged design is made to eliminate failure by not having any extra buckles or unnecessary parts

Whats the difference between the ST System and the ST Travel System?

The Hollis ST System comes pre-assembled from the factory, however it includes distinctive components depending on your desired configuration. For warm water and travel destinations, we have the Hollis  ST Travel System, which includes the Aluminum backplate 2.0, Delrin cam bands and the Backplate backpad 2.0. Alternatively, those diving in colder waters can choose the standard ST System, which includes the ST35 wing, Stainless Steel Backplate 2.0, Stainless steel cam bands and the Backplate backpad 2.0.


ST System Includes
  • S35 Wing
  • Solo Harness with Stainless Steel Backplate 2.0
  • Backplate Backpad 2.0
  • Stainless Cam Bands (x2)
ST Travel System Includes
  • S22 Wing
  • Solo Harness with Aluminum Backplate 2.0
  • Backplate Backpad 2.0
  • Delrin Cam Bands (x2)
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