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SSI - Learn to Dive Open Water Course

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Dive Swansea is where the Newcastle Hunter and Central Coast regions come to learn to dive. It is the most experienced and professional  dive centre in the region and the only Dive store around with water right at our door for your scuba experience. We have six Scuba Schools International dive instructors and two Instructor Trainers on staff ". 

Learn to scuba dive in small classes of five or less students per instructor ratio and be taught by the most experienced and highly qualified Scuba Instructors, and get your scuba diving license certified by SSI.

  • In-water training is completed over three days
  • Maximum of five four to five students per instructor small groups 
  • SSI - Course - Worldwide global recognition!
  • Join Central Coast and Hunter regions most active Scuba club
  • New classes start every week
  • online and face to face modern training & continuing diver education

We highly recommend this scuba diving certification course for all who wish to make scuba diving their lifelong activity.

  • Open Water Diver Course, SSI - Certification
  • 3 Days of training includes (pool sessions & four ocean dives)
  • New courses begin each week 
  • All gear supplied during the course (excluding mask snorkel fins booties)
    check out in store our packages and our staff will guide you for your personal equipment
  • Maximum of five people per instructional staff
  • Bring your lunch each day,drink and sunscreen 
  • Online app and personal Logbook
  • SSI - Open Water eLearning online theory for you to complete in your own time before arriving on your first day. 

    Before arrival on your first day for
    the dive course

    it is important to answer the medical questionnaire, and if the questionnaire indicates the requirement for a dive medical, then you must see a doctor and get him - her to approve you as Fit to dive.

    The dive medical must rule out any possible health concerns that could impede your safety while diving. Once you have received medical clearance from a dive doctor, you can begin the SSI - eLearning program. This online program will provide you with the dive course knowledge development portion of diving course.

    The SSI - eLearning program consists of around eight hours of online learning, which you can complete at your own pace. After finishing the knowledge development portion of the dive course, you will be able to move on to the practical training component.

Practical SSI - Open Water Course Training

The practical training portion of the scuba diving OPEN WATER course will take place over three days. You will meet at the dive shop on the first day and then head to the pool for training. During the pool session, you will be taught how to assemble your scuba equipment and all the dive skills you need for the underwater world.

After successfully completing your pool training on day - 1, you'll be able to move on to open-water dives day two we'll start with two ocean dives at a local dive site. We'll head out to one of several different dive sites (depending on conditions) on the third day well complete two more ocean dives. During the dives, you will demonstrate the diving skills you learnt in the pool. After satisfactory completion of all skills in all four ocean dives, you will be a certified SSI - open-water diver LEVEL 18m."


To become a scuba diver, student divers need to be confident in the water and possess basic swimming abilities. In our Open water Scuba Diving Course your instructor will have you do a 200-metre swim and 10-minute float to determine if you possess basic swimming capabilities. You should also be in good overall good health, particularly your respiratory and circulatory systems. 

Before beginning scuba diving studies to get the Scuba license, each student completes a brief Scuba Medical Questionnaire to identify any medical conditions that could make diving dangerous. If no medical issues apply to you, you sign the form and may begin your scuba diving lessons. If any of these conditions apply to you, as a safety precaution, your physician must assess the condition related to diving and sign a medical form confirming that you are fit to join our learn-to-dive course.

Dive medical in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4005-1 (1992).

  • Some medical conditions may prevent you from diving, for example, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, or diabetes. Please check with us before making a reservation if you are unsure of a particular medical condition.
  • The minimum age to start this course is 15 years Children aged 10-12 may do a private course for Children. Children under the age of fifteen will be certified as a junior open water diver and must be accompanied by a parent or adult over the age of eighteen.

Please note the following criteria before applying to join Dive Swansea's Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners 

  • You must wait 18 hours after diving before flying so you cannot fly until 9 am the day after the course ends.
  • Children between 10 and 14 will qualify as Junior Open Water Divers & must dive with an adult certified diver.
  • The online theory will take 6-8 hours to complete and must be finished before the first day of the course.
  • We are sure you have lots of questions about how to learn diving, our staff are here to support you if have any questions please just give us a call before booking .

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