Mares Quad Dive Computer

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The Mares Quad dive computer features a large display screen and larger font so its super easy to read in the water. 

Simple to use with 4 function buttons which due its its mirrored button feature mean that during the dive the top two buttons perform the same function, changing display between maximum depth, current depth, maximum operating depth, average depth, deep stops and temperature. The lower buttons do the same alternating between oxygen percentage, ppo2 and CNS and more!

This computer has a clear ascent warning and after the dive shows a mini-log, alternating every 4 seconds between maximum depth, average depth, dive time and gas used in addition to the standard data.


  • Runaway deco alarm
  • Multi-gas capabilities 
  • Dive time can be shown including seconds 
  • Improved battery life with user changeable battery
  • Clear display with easy to read screen
  • Decompression dive planner with ability to adjust surface interval
  • Ability to change traditional strap for bungees