Mares Regulator Set: SXS 62X w/ SXS Octopus

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The Mares SXS 62X side breather regulator set is super compact and extremely light weight. The regulators are reversible in just a few simple steps, meaning the hose can come from the left or the right side, and is the ideal side breathing set!

The Mares 62X first stage has a pearl chrome finish and uses Auto Sealing Technology (AST), a pneumatic system to prevent water from entering! With the Natural Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) system, the first stage provides a constant airflow at any depth!

The Second eXtra Small (SXS) second stages have a curved bypass and larger diameter when comparing it to other second stages and use Mares' patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD). This design, combined with the new deflector (reducing the free-flow risk), ensures a smooth and comfortable inhalation, even at depths beyond the recreational limits (100m+!).


  • Ultra light and compact side breather
  • Reversible (left or right hose routing) in a just a few simple steps
  • VAD and NFC systems for smoother breathing
  • Auto Seal (AST) on the first stage
  • Soft purge buttons
  • Includes superflex hoses on both second stages
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