Mares Viper spearfishing mask

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Created for the avid freediver or spearfisherman, the Mares Viper Mask is perfectly suited for long apnea dives providing maximum comfort. With an innovative design, this mask boasts reduced volume and distance between the lens and the eyes, an anatomical face piece without an internal border, mask strap with ergonomic buckles and a new type of silicone skirt that is capable of reducing lens fogging. 


• Reduced distance between lens and eyes
• Minimum internal volume
• Extremely wide field of vision
• Anatomical face piece without internal border
• Lightweight
• Matte finish with anti-reflective properties
• Hydrodynamic profile for reducing water resistance
• Mask strap with ergonomic buckles for effortless use
• New silicone for the skirt capable of reducing fogging