Palau Sept 3rd to 11th Sept 2024

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                           This is one of our favourite hot spots to dive in the world.
                                                   One not to be missed out on.

Palau, located in Micronesia, is renowned as a top diving destination due to its extraordinary marine biodiversity, stunning underwater landscapes, and unique diving experiences. Its crystal-clear waters offer exceptional visibility, enhancing the diving experience. The region's highlight is the iconic Blue Corner, where strong currents attract large pelagic species, creating a thrilling drift diving opportunity.

Palau's underwater realm features diverse marine life, including vibrant coral reefs, schools of colourful fish, sharks, mantas, and an array of marine species. The Jellyfish Lake is another remarkable attraction, where non-stinging jellyfish provide a surreal swimming experience.

Wrecks from World War II, such as the German Channel and Peleliu Wall, offer historical and adventurous dives. Palau's commitment to marine conservation is evident in its strict environmental regulations that protect its marine ecosystems.

The combination of abundant marine life, captivating dive sites, and conservation efforts makes Palau a top spot for divers seeking unforgettable underwater encounters and a deep appreciation for the ocean's wonders.

Below Blue Corner hot spot.

The Rock Arch amazing landscape where we stop to take photos.

Beautiful Reef to Wreck dives included over your trip.

Awesome accommodation for those who love a little bit of luxury while away located in town near everything.