Rob Allen Sparid Evo Speargun

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Size: 80

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Where to start! The Rob Allen Sparid would have to be the best selling speargun on the market with tens of thousands in use all around the world every year.

With a limited Lifetime warranty on core components you know you’ve got support when it matters. Rob Allen has huge confidence in his line of products, and he wants to ensure you do too.

The Sparid EVO carries on the Rob Allen legend with some changes to keep it at the top of the game. Effectively the Sparid EVO is the specifications that Rob himself uses along with some colour changes.

It would be safe to say that the Rob Allen line of spearguns are legend in the spearfishing industry with hundreds of records and countless happy customers coming home after successful day spearfishing, thanks to Rob Allen spearguns.

  • Vecta 2 handle with the latest generation 9 internals
  • Stainless Steel Line Release
  • Kevlar reinforced trigger
  • Heavy Duty Alloy barrel with integrated rail
  • HD glass filled nylon low profile double rubber closed muzzle
  • Heavy Duty gun bungee with snap clip
  • 2x 14mm RA Black power bands with Dyneema bridles
  • RA 7mm double notch hand tuned spear with reinforced barb
  • Tricut head
  • HD 1.8mm 450lb mono shooting line
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80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140