SSI Deep Diving Specialty Course

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SSI Deep Diving Specialty Course.

There is something exciting and mysterious about exploring deeper dive sites, whilst scuba diving.  Sometimes, it is a mysterious wreck that attracts you below 18 metres , then again on deep wall dives, it could be a giant sea fan or barrel sponge. 

Quite often tropical waters, clear and calm, can be very deceiving and you can find yourself quite deep, without realizing it.  Whatever your reason to scuba dive with confidence at depths down to 40 metres, you should take the Deep Diver Specialty course


To be a minimum of 18 years old.  Fit to Dive - Please take time to review the Dive Medical Requirements and Fitness to Dive information.   


Pocket mask,  DSMB or Safety sausage & reel,  Dive Whistle,  Dive slate Knife or dive tool Dive torch .Please enquire in store for any items you may need .

Full scuba kit head to toe equipment including tanks and weight 
Please note scuba equipment tanks and weights can be hired from the store. 


SSI On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam. (must be completed before any in water training commences). Minimum of three open water training dives required.

Minimum of three open water training dives required. These boat dives will be either Swansea area or the EX-HMAS ADELAIDE wreck of the Central Coast.

Add Enriched Air, Nitrox Training

Theory and Practical lessons Enriched air tank and Enriched Air Nitrox fills for the two dives Two training dives, run in conjunction with your specialty course Enriched Air Nitrox Certification .Ask us how you can combine both.