SSI Gas Blender Course

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Correctly mixing gasses is essential to being able to breathe safely underwater. The SSI Gas Blender program teaches you the skills and concepts required to safely blend nitrox and helium-based trimix gases. This non-diving program is open to certified and uncertified divers and teaches proper usage of mathematics, gas blending software, physics, and techniques required to blend breathing gases safely.

Upon completing this program, you will earn either the SSI Nitrox Gas Blender or SSI Trimix Gas Blender certification. Get started online today!

What will you learn?

The Gas Blender course includes three practical application sessions, but no dives. 
During independent study and instructor-led review, you learn:

About the advantages and disadvantages of different blending methodologies.

To blend enriched air and trimix blends to within one percent of the target mix.

About the potential hazards related to handling oxygen, and how to manage those risks.

To demonstrate the steps for oxygen cleaning equipment, along with the requirements for oxygen service.

How can you start learning now?

You can apply for your Gas Blender Manual online program and start your independent study today just ask us how.